24 Fun Things to Do with Friends over Facetime


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Have you also not seen your friends for a long time because of the coronavirus? Or do you travel most of the year and can’t meet with your friends as much as you would like?

There are great ways to still get together with friends and family without being physically united. All you need is a little magic. And that magic is called technology

We’ve put together 24 activities, so you can stay in touch with your family and friends and hang out with them virtually! No awkward silence during video calls anymore, we promise!

24 fun things to do with friends virtually

1. Create a video bar with your friends

It can get pretty lonely if you are not able to meet your friends in a bar on Saturday night – or any other evening. Ask your friends to spend an evening with you on Zoom.

Prepare a time when you all sit together in front of your screens and have a drink together. You can suggest some of the games mentioned in this article to spice things up a bit!

2. Play “Never have I ever…” with drinks 

So, you meet online for drinks and happy vibes. The game “Never have I ever…” is perfect for playing with friends online! 

If you are not familiar with this game, here are the rules: 

You all have some kind of drink in your hand. One by one, you say, “Never have I ever…” and then something that person may or may not have done or tried to do. Those of you who have must drink.

3. Watch Netflix and chill with your friends

With Netflix Party, you can watch the same shows, series, or movies with your friends at the same time! All you need to do is install ‘Netflix Party’ and add it to your Chrome browser on your laptop.

Then you can start a movie and invite your friends to join in!

4. Eat together

At the moment it is not possible to meet and eat together. If you miss eating with your friends or family, there is a way to make this possible.

Set a date and time when you would like to meet and eat together online on one of the platforms mentioned above. You can also choose a recipe and cook it together virtually!

5. Start a book club

If you and your friends want to take a break from streaming and read books instead, you can start a book club. Meet online and talk about the latest chapter!

6. Teach each other a new language 

Are you also tired of learning a language on your own? Meet online with a friend to teach each other new words and expressions!

What you can do: Choose a language you want to learn. Meet online and teach each other your new vocabulary!

7. Play draw and guess 

Each of you must have paper and a pen for this activity. What you do: Take turns drawing something that the others have to guess.

You can create categories or just draw and guess. It is a fun way to be creative together.

8. Tell each other five news  

You can plan together with your friend(s) to have about five news updates ready before you meet online. This way, you can keep each other up to date and reflect on the world situation. 

9. Guess a song in 10 seconds

If you and your friends love music, this game is perfect. Meet your friends online and let them guess a song from your Spotify playlist by playing it for just 10 seconds.

You can also test who knows the most songs from the top charts!

10. Talk about places you would like to visit 

Daydream away with a friend. Share your travel dreams. Maybe your friend(s) would like to visit the same places as you! What about planning a great road trip you can go on together in the future?

11.Plan what to do at your next meetup

Being apart can be hard. Getting together online to talk and plan what to do at your reunion will create excitement and bring you closer together.

12. Play Yes, No, Black, White

This game is for those of you who like to lure each other into traps.

How to play it: Question one person at a time. The one in question is not allowed to mention the four words YES, NO, BLACK, WHITE. If he or she says any of the four, he or she loses. It is up to you and your mates to decide how many minutes you want to inquire! 

13. Shop together online 

Bringing your wardrobe up to date seems to be an ongoing task. Not only do you always need something, but it is also not so easy to decide for yourself what to buy.

That’s why most people like to bring a friend along when they go shopping. It’s fun to shop together, and it can often be helpful to get other people’s opinions about what to buy and what not to buy.

If you are not able to meet for a shopping day, meet virtually and shop! Show each other your findings by exchanging pictures or links.

14. Work out together 

If you cannot meet in the gym for a training session, that does not mean that you can’t work out together! Meet online and put your phone or laptop on the floor and work out together!

15. Play the Newlywed Game 

Maybe you’ve watched this game on TV. The game “Newlyweds” will test how well you and your friends know each other. Form teams with two people in each and play. 

How to play: Make a list of questions. Give the same set to each person on each side. Have them answer what they think their partner answered. When everyone has finished, read the questions out loud one by one and see who knows each other the best! 

16. Play Guess a Celebrity 

One of you writes the name of a celebrity on a piece of paper that he or she does not show the rest of you. Now you must guess what celebrity it might be.

The person who has chosen a personality can only answer YES and NO.

17. Play Hangman 

All age groups love this game.

How to play it via video call: Each of you has a paper and a spout. Alternately, the first one chooses a word that the others have to guess. Then you hold the paper up so that the others can see it and start guessing!

18. Play City-Country-River

“City-Country-River” is another popular game that you can play together with friends and family.

How to play it: Choose five categories (E.g., Country – City – Food – Animal – River). One of you must silently enumerate the alphabet. Then one of you says “stop” at a random time. The letter that the person has in mind when he hears the “stop” is the one you use.

Based on the selected character, you must now find words that fit into each of the five categories. They must all start with the letter you have chosen. See who can do it the fastest!

19. Play Is it a fact, or is it fiction? 

In this game, you test if your friends can figure out which anecdotes are fact, and which are fiction. How to play it: 

Each of you prepares 5-10 stories. Some of the stories about you must be fictional. Then you meet virtually and test each other!

20. Play “This or That.” 

This game is a great way to get to know a friend better. By playing “this or that,” you can ask a friend about things that he or she might not otherwise have thought to share with you.

How to play it: One of you asks the person if they like “this or that”: E.g.

– Winter or summer?

– Red or green? 

– Pool or beach?

– Walking or running? 

– Bicycle or car? 


21. Play one-minute subject

This game is about being creative with a theme! How to play it: One of you has to talk for one minute about a topic of the other’s choice. It can range from lemonade to famous people to politics.

In the end, you can decide whether to continue the talk or have someone else start their minute. The game is great fun and makes you laugh!

22. Play storyteller pass-along 

This game is for those who like to make up stories. How it works: One of you starts with a sentence. The next one continues. See what crazy stories you can make up. Maybe it’s the next bestseller!  

23. Play 20 questions 

One of you chooses a mysterious object. It could be anything from an animal to a coffee maker. If you want an easy start, you can also create categories.

Next, you all have a total of 20 questions to guess the mysterious item. Respondents are only allowed to answer YES and NO.

24. Play ‘My ship is loaded with…’

If you want to train your memory and have fun with your friends at the same time, you can play ‘My ship is loaded with…’ via video call!

It’s a great game, especially when more than two people meet virtually. How to play: You choose a letter from the alphabet. You can do this by enumerating the alphabet until one of you says stop. 

Then you start the game. One by one, you start with the sentence: “My ship is loaded with…”, followed by the words that the others have already said, and then you mention one yourself. It continues until no one can remember the order or come up with more words.

If you need some inspiration for what to load on your ship you can find 61 great ideas in this article.

Not sure about what platform to use? Take a look at our list our list down below:

Set up

Let take a quick look at the set up. There are many excellent applications out there, and it is up to you which one you want to use with your friends.


With FaceTime, you can meet up to 32 people. You can, however, only use this application if you own an Apple product such as a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone. You must use your Apple ID and your password.

When you want to call someone, simply enter their name if you already have them as a contact on your device. If not, you can enter their email address or phone number. For a group call, just add the people you want to call before you press the call button.


You can meet up to ten people via Skype. It is easy to sign up and get started. If you want to skype more than just one friend, you can add people. Just click on the (+) icon and add friends. 


This software is rather new on the market. With Zoom, you can host virtual conferences and group sessions. You can use it on all devices with a connection.

With the free version, you can host up to 100 other people for 40 minutes. If you want to meet for more than 40 minutes, the host must upgrade to at least Pro account.   

Google Hangouts 

By using this app, you can hang out with up to 10 people online. If you want to use Google Hangouts, you can add it as a chrome extension or go to www.hangout.google.com and sign in with your Gmail.

You can also download it to your phone. It works on all devices. When you want to call someone, just add their email address. 

Do you like our ideas? Which games will you play with your friends?

Let us know about it in the comment section!

Have fun and take care!

friends having fun together on video chat because they found a list of fun things to do with friends while you can't see each other.
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