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A magical visit to the Harry Potter studio in London

    If like me you are a Harry Potter fan, the Harry Potter studio in London is a must do for you !

    I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan since my childhood. I was 10 when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released in the cinema, but I have had already watched all the movies multiple times.

    Certainly like most of Harry potter fans, I have always dreamed of receiving my hogwards acceptance letter to start my adventure.

    Even now in my mid-twenties, I am still amazed by hogward world, I sometimes do Harry Potter movies marathons.

    As I lived in London for 1 year and a half, I had the opportunity to visit the Harry potter studio tour. I weared my Gryffondor wizard robe, and scarf and I was ready for my adventure to the Harry potter studio tours.

    The warner bros studio is an incredibly exciting and magical experience, it was like living my childhood dream, I entered the great hall of Hogward, walked in the diagon alley, visited the famous gringotts bank, discovered the platform 9/4 and even went to the forbidden forest to meet aragog. Each step of the Harry potter studio tour transported me in the magical wizard world of Harry Potter.

    Where is Harry potter studio ?

    If like me you are a Harry potter fan, the Warner Bros studio tour is a must-visit for you. The studio is located in Watford, about 30 km from North West London. You can get there from London by bus.

    The Warner bros studio tour immerse you in the behind the scenes of the making of Harry Potter movies. But it is also one of the biggest studio in the UK and the location for many movies like Batman, Paddington (the little bear), fantastic beasts and mission impossible.

    How to get to the Harry potter studio London

    The nearest train station from the Harry potter studio London is the Watford station. So, like I have done, you can take a train from the centre of London to Watford station and join the studio with the regular buses shuttle. The coaches travel from Watford Junction to the Harry Potter studios in approximately 15 minutes.

    If you want to travel more comfortably you can opt for the buses from the ”golden tour” that go directly from the center of London to the studio. The buses start from Kings Cross and London Victoria. You can buy your ticket for the studio with the ticket for the bus transfert together.

    The studio tour

    First, don’t get confused, the harry potter studio tour is not an amusement park with rides, it is a visit guided tour of the real life film studio. You will walk on the authentic sets where the famous actors shot the film.

    As you will step in the studio, you will be directly transported into the magical world of Harry Potter.

    Inside the studio you will find two cafés and a restaurant, all well decorated arround the Harry Potter theme. They serve breakfasts, hot and cold meals, sandwiches and even afternoon tea that you can book with your tickets.

    The Harry Potter studio tour in London

    There are also several souvenir shops where you can buy a wide range of collectible, wands, clothes from the four houses and sweets like the famous chocolate frog.

    Personally, I have bought my Gryffondor scarf in their shop. Nevertheless you can find all the products available in the shop on the internet for a quite cheaper price. For instance, I got my Gryffondor dress on Amazon for less than 20 Pounds.

    Let’s open the Great hall door and start your adventure

    Great Hall. Harry Potter studio tour in London.
    Great hall door
    Mirror Erised. Harry Potter studio tour in London.
    Mirror of Erised
    Harry Potter studio tour in London.
    Dumbledore’s office entrance
    Yule Ball Decoration
    Decorations from the Yule Ball
    Diagon Alley
    Diagon Alley
    Gringotts Bank. Harry Potter studio tour.
    Gringotts Bank
    The Hogwards Express. Harry Potter studio Tour.
    The Hogwards Express
    Greenhouse. Harry potter studio tour in London.
    Hogward Greenhouse
    Hogwards bride. Harry Potter studio tour in London.
    Hogwards bridge

    I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Harry Potter Studio in London.

    Happy exploring!