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Romance on the Seine: My Unforgettable Dinner cruise in Paris

    Interested in a Dinner cruise in Paris ? You’ve landed in the perfect place ! Let me share with you my unforgettable romantic dinner cruise in Paris.

    I invited my husband who was my boyfriend at this time to celebrate an important moment in his life, and it turned out to be the perfect choice ! The delicious gastronomic food, the romantic ambiance and the amazing views of the city make it a memorable evening.

    Whether you’re a tourist or a local, a dinner cruise in Paris, is not only a romantic activity but it is also one of the most enjoyable and relaxing way to explore paris and its famous landmarks. 

    In this blog post, I will share with you my dinner cruise in Paris as well as some tips to get the most of yours. 

    cruise in Paris

    The Departure Point of the cruise in Paris

    cruise in Paris

    The location can vary according to which company cruise in Paris you choose. Like most of the Dinner cruise in Paris, the Péniche Tosca was located on the Port Debilly, just a few steps away from the Eiffel Tower. 

    As there are several peniches along the riverbank, I wisely recommend you to come at least 30 minutes ahead of your departure time to avoid last minute rush looking for your boat. 

    Also, you should check in advance on the map on which side of the river your boat is located so you do not waste time searching for your boat on the wrong riverbank. 

    The journey of the cruise in Paris

    This dinner cruise in Paris lasts between 1h30 to 2 hours and get you through the enchanting beauty of Paris, offering breathtaking views on all the main landmarks of Paris.

    It starts right in front of the Eiffel Tower and comes back to the same spot at the end. If you are sitting by the window, you can admire the view while enjoying your delicious meal. To catch better sight and take unique and memorable pictures during your dinner cruise in Paris, I suggest you to going up to the terrace.

    cruise in Paris

    The boat and the service

    The staff was very friendly, they made their best to make the dinner cruise in Paris exquisite. We got lucky to be seated right by the window, so we had the best view on the monuments and places passing by.

    The atmosphere on the boat was lovely, there was soft music played in the background as well as dimmed lights which created a cozy and romantic vibe. It was the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening. There is a terrace on the top of the boat where you can go at any time during your dinner.

    A photograph is on the boat, and offer amazing pictures for a fair price you can take your pictures on the terrace to get a unique frame.

    The menu

    There where different menus offered on the Tosca Cruise, the Amiral menu, the Tosca menu, the prestige menu and the children menu.

    I have personally chosen the Tosca Menu :

    As we do not consume alcohol the staff kindly adapted the menu to us. The kir royal for the aperitif was replaced by delicious tomatoes cocktail without alcohol as well as the 1/2 bottle of wine which was replaced by a drink of our choice.

    The food was delicious, the seafood platter was composed of langoustines, shrimps, oysters, whelks and a crab.

    For the main meal we chose the Salmon steak, dill emulsion ratatouille and ebly. It was tasty and delicious.

    The dessert were a Praline puff pastry with flowing caramel heart and a revolutionary entremet with raspberry chocolate.

    cruise in Paris

    ”Here are some pictures”

    Why a dinner cruise in Paris and not a daytime cruise ?

    I chose a dinner cruise in Paris over a brunch or daytime cruise in Paris because it adds enchantment and romance to the experience. The cruise starts during the sunset and finishes after it, so you can admire the transformation of the city from daytime to night. The lights in the cities come alive and awake the enchanting ambiance of Paris the city of love and of lights. It’s magic and gives a special feeling.

    How to book a cruise in Paris for cheap ?

    A dinner cruise in Paris can be expensive. To get a most affordable price for a cruise in Paris, I recommend you to book through Groupon rather than directly on any official Cruise in Paris website. I booked that cruise for only 110 Euros for 2 people on Groupon instead of 180 Euros on the original website.

    On Groupon you will find quite interesting deals and discount for various products and services. You can purchase vouchers and coupons for activities, restaurants and travels. You can even get experience for half of the original price.

    I advise you to book in advance to find a place on the dinner cruise of you choice.