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What to do in Bali ? The best Bali adventure activities

    You are thristy of adventure and your are looking for the best Bali adventure activities to make your trip unforgettable.

    You are in the right place ! Bali is a paradise island, famous for its stunning nature, there are plenty of activities to do on the Island.

    For you I have selected the 12 coolest Bali adventure activities that you cannot miss during your trip.

    Whitewater Rafting in Ayung River

    Rafting in Ayung river, Bali adventure

    One of the best Bali adventure activities that you should test is the rafting river. Get carried away by the mighty rapids, is a unique experience that will make your heart pumping.

    Furthermore, the breath-taking view on the stunning waterfalls, rice terraces, and the multiple lush forest will make the experience unforgettable.

    Ayung water rafting also known as Ubud rafting is one of the most challenging site in Bali, the river has the largest and longest rapids. This river is suitable for any rifting level experience. The ayung river will provide you 12 km of adventure and fun, during between 3 and 4 hours.

    Mount Batur

    Mount Batur, Bali adventure

    Climb the Mount Batur is also one of the unmissable Bali adventure activity you should experience in Bali.

    Mount Batur is an active volcano , the last eruption happened in 1963, nevertheless a part of the volcano peak is still active. There are often gas or lava explosions, bursts of steam and unstable surfaces. Despite of its active part, thanks to its stunning natural beauty, the volcano is a famous spot that attract a lot of visitors every year.

    At the top you can admire a wonderful view of the sunrise over the caldera lake. Moreover, you can taste a breakfast composed of eggs and banana, cooked over the hot steam released by the volcano.

    Furthermore, on the way back, you will have the opportunity to discover local plantations, fresh local products, and taste the worldwide recognised ”civet-cat” coffee, named kopi luwak.

    Horse-riding on beach

    Horse riding on beach, Bali adventure

    This Bali adventure activity is the best for horse lovers, but also for people who wants to experience a new activity while discovering the nature of Bali.

    Admire the beauty of Bali on a horseback, enjoy the wonderful landscapes of rice field and small villages, and the impressive sunset on the beach.

    A fun and relaxing activity suitable for everyone. Your horse will be selected according to your riding abilities and you will receive basic instructions.

    Bali Jungle trekking

    Bali Jungle trekking, Bali adventure

    You cannot visit Bali without exploring its stunning jungle. The island is rich in natural beauty and offer breath-taking landscapes. Trekking into the Jungle is a unmissable Bali adventure, that you have to try, during your travel.

    Several trekking tours are organized on the Island, the Mont Batur is one of the most famous of them, you can also meet the monkeys, discover the rice fields and the multiple wonderful waterfalls of Bali. Whatever the one you choose, the natural beauty of the island will amaze you.

    Swim with dolphins

    Swim with dolphins, Bali adventure

    As a dolphin lover I can tell you that swim with dolphins is a Bali adventure that will offer you unforgettable memories.

    Highly smart, graceful and sociable, dolphins are incredible animals. Swim among these magnificent creature is a magic experience. The best place to swim with the dolphins in their natural environment is Lovina Beach, situated in the north of the island this beach is famous for its dolphins habitat.

    Dolphin Tour Lovina is one of the best agency which as they offer incredible excursion and respect dolphins environment and know how to approach them without disturbing them compared to some other companies.

    In addition, they will bring you to the best spots and make sure you totally enjoy each activity, including swimming with dolphins, observe the corals, use their hamak and admire other wonderful coloured fishes.


    Canyoning, Bali adventure

    Canyoning is one of the best Bali adventure activities for adrenaline lovers. It is a kind of multi-sport adventure, descent a river or a gorge, climbing, sliding on the natural flums and jumping.

    If you want to rush you adrenaline and overcome your fears in a paradise environment, this activity is for you.

    There are multiple canyoning tours available on the Island. Moreover, most of them are suitable for any level, including beginners and children.

    SEA Walking

    You want to explore the seabed walking in the depths of the sea like an aquaman or an aqua woman. The Sea walking is the perfect Bali adventure activity for you !

    This amazing activity is very simple as it do not require any diving training. You can walk into the sea without any specific equipment.

    Snorkeling Manta rays

    Snorkeling is also one of the best Bali adventure activity to experience, as Bali is part of the Coral triangle, a zone with the highest biodiversity of marine life in the world. Bali own an incredible manta rays population.

    Furthermore, snorkelling with Manta rays is a magic experience that I recommend you to try. The best place to snorkelling with giant Manta rays is at the Manta point in Nusa Penida.

    Release baby sea turtles

    Release baby sea turtles in Bali

    Kuta beach is one of the most popular beach in Bali, turtle eggs are protected by a sea conservation center to increase their hatching rate. If you travel to Bali during the sea turtle nesting and hatching season you should participate in releasing sea turtles.

    It is a great activity to experience in family with children.


    Seabreacher, Bali adventure

    Seabreacher is one of the most atypical Bali adventure activity, it is the futur in watersport and activities. Sit in a comfortable sealed cockpit and experience diving, jumping, rolling and other awesome aquabatic tricks.

    Get the excitement on, in and Out of the water with the seabreacher. It can be hard to manipulate when you start but when you will understand it you will never want to leave it.

    Fishing boats trip

    Fishing boats trip

    Fishing boats trip are a great way to explore the Island nature while experiencing a new relaxing Bali adventure activity.

    Try spearfishing or master the art of angling. Enjoy the wonderful view of the smoking volcano of Mount Agung while your guide helps you work with a spear or line to hunt trevally, octopus, or maybe even tuna. Then, relax with a tasty lunch on the beach to finish your day.

    Visit abandoned airplanes

    Visit abandonned airplanes
    Photo of abandoned aircraft in the forest. Toned

    There are several abandoned places you can visit on the indonesian island. There are 3 famous ones :

    • Boeing 737 in Kuta
      Located in Kuta about 500m from Benoa Square and is right next to a Dunkin’ Donuts.
    • DC 10 in Kuta
      Located on top of the abandoned Gate 88 Mall, you can explore two attractions at once.
    • Boeing 737 in the Bukit Peninsula
      Located only 5minutes away from Pandawa beach, this is the most accessible and popular abandoned plane to visit. But it is on private property, so you can’t get too close.

    Finnally, there are amazing activities for everyone on this Island.