Our goal is to ensure that everyone can travel as much as they want.

We are Max and Maya, a young couple who met half a decade ago. In the first years of our relationship, there were more than 900 miles between us.

We quickly realized that the only way to see each other frequently was to combine our meetings with travel. After countless flights, weekend trips, and holidays spent together, we turned into real travel experts.

With this knowledge, we want to help you to improve the way you travel!

Instead of looking forward the whole year to one two-week holiday, you should get the chance to make travel your daily lifestyle.

Don’t push your dreams and start to realize your travel plans now!

Us skating in Copenhagen

We want to make sure that everyone can travel as much as they want.

How is that possible, you’re probably wondering?

The easiest and best way to reach true freedom and travel all year round is to start earning money location independent — or at least at the destination of your choice.

You can start your own business or blog and make money online as we did. Another good idea is to offer your services as a remote freelancer or get a job related to the travel industry in your favorite location.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Finding out how to travel as much as possible with what you have is the real challenge – but also the real joy!


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    A short update regarding the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic:

    In recent months, the whole world has been severely affected by the corona pandemic. It is a difficult time for everyone who likes to travel, including us, and for the travel industry as a whole.

    Airlines are dying, hotels are going bankrupt all over the world, and people are losing their jobs.

    There is no doubt that the measures taken by governments to prevent the pandemic from spreading any further, although very drastic, were necessary. 

    Nobody knows when this will be over, and we cannot know at this point whether the travel industry will ever be the same again.

    Anyways, we will certainly keep you informed and up to date with all the latest developments.

    Here are some thoughts on what you can do in the meantime:

    Support each other

    This is a time when we must be united as a community. If you can help or support others, that is great! If you or your loved ones are affected by the pandemic, stay strong, and never forget about your dreams. 

    Long term vision

    Think about your goals and take the time now to lay the foundations for the future. Start a business or any other kind of new venture if you have the chance. That way, once the borders open and travel opportunities reappear, you will be able to realize what you have always dreamed of.

    Finally, we would like to wish the very best to everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by the virus. Keep fighting, and take care of yourself!


    Max and Maya

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