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11 Tips to immerse yourself in a new culture

    immerse yourself in a new culture

    Hey there, are you ready to immerse yourself in a new culture? Exploring a new place and immersing yourself in its unique customs and traditions can be a life-changing experience. But, with so many different elements to consider, it can be hard to know where to start.

    That’s why I’ve put together 11 tips to help you immerse yourself in a new culture like a pro.

    From learning the local language to seeking out authentic experiences, these tips will help you fully embrace and appreciate the culture you’re exploring.

    So, let’s get started and discover what this new world has in store for us!

    Have an open mind

    It is essential to have an open mind in many situations, even more, when you are traveling. Indeed, travel will make you discover new perspectives on life and different lifestyles. You have to be aware that the way you perceive the world is not the way everyone perceives it.

    The way people interact, eat, work and speak are different in other places in the world. As a traveller, I advise you to make some research about the culture of the country you will visit. That way you will avoid having unsuitable behaviour that could offend someone.

    Eat local food

    Nowadays, with internationalization, we can find food from all over the world everywhere. Fast food chains like McDonald’s or KFC are implanted all around the world. Nevertheless, you do not travel to the other side of the globe to eat the same food you eat every day.

    Food is an essential part of a culture. Indeed, even if you do not travel, tasting food from all over the world is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture.

    Multiple countries are recognized for the unique food they offer, like Italy, France, Japan, or India. Eating Sushi in a traditional restaurant in Japan is not the same experience as eating sushi in London or Paris. Nothing is worth eating food from a country in the country itself.

    So, I personally advise you to stay away from the big recognized restaurant chains and opt for small family restaurants which offer local food.   

    Moreover, if you want to have a deeper understanding of local food, you should try a local food class.

    Take a cultural tour

    Taking a cultural tour when traveling provides numerous benefits that can enhance your overall travel experience.

    Cultural tours offer the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the history, architecture, art, and customs of the area you are visiting. You’ll learn about the significant landmarks and historical sites, as well as the stories and legends that make the place unique.

    You’ll also have the chance to interact with local guides who can offer insights and perspectives that you wouldn’t get from reading a guidebook or visiting on your own. Additionally, cultural tours can provide a sense of structure and organization, ensuring that you make the most of your time and see the key sights.

    Overall, taking a cultural tour is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, gain a deeper appreciation for the place you’re visiting, and create lasting memories.

    Attend traditional events

    Nothing better than loose and immerse yourself in the local culture by attending a local event! Whether it’s a music festival, sports game, or cultural celebration, attending a local event is a fantastic way to experience the energy and vibe of a new place.

    You’ll have the opportunity to rub shoulders with locals, enjoy the local cuisine and drinks, and perhaps even participate in some of the traditions or rituals.

    And let’s not forget the memories you’ll make, these types of experiences often create the most memorable moments of a trip. So don’t be shy, step outside of your comfort zone and attend a local event, you never know what kind of fun and excitement you’ll discover!

    When you plan your trip, try to see if you can take dates during which there are festivals. Some festivals are very famous in the world like the water festival in Thailand, the Chinese New Year or lights festival in Korea.

    Live with a local family

    You know what they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! And there’s no better way to experience the true essence of a new culture than by living with a local family.

    Not only will you get a comfortable and affordable place to stay, but you’ll also get an insider’s look into the daily life of the locals. From sharing meals together to participating in family traditions, you’ll have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the culture.

    And let’s not forget the language practice, living with a local family will give you the opportunity to perfect your language skills and gain a deeper understanding of the language and culture. Trust me, this is an experience you won’t forget and will leave a lasting impact on you.

    You can use websites like to find a homestay family.

    Try traditional clothes

    An activity that I love when traveling around the world, is trying traditional clothes and make photo shoots in the local attractions.

    By wearing traditional clothes you will totally immerse yourself in a new culture, you can for instance try a Kimono in Japan, a Hanbok in Korea or a Kaftan in Morocco. And then make your photo shoot in the most beautiful places you will find.

    This experience really worth trying, you will live an unforgettable moment and take awesome memory pictures with you.

    As traditional clothes are expensive and you do not want to spend your money on it, you can rent traditional clothes at a cheap price.

    For instance in Seoul, South Korea, there is the possibility to rent women’s and men’s Hanboks near the Gyeongbokgung Palace for a cheap price. So, people rent their Hanbok and make their shooting photos in the palace.

    Learn the language

    Learn a new language can be very hard. But keep in mind that the locals on the other side of the world do not always speak your language.

    So, it can be very useful to know basic phrases in the native language to communicate with other people.

    You can learn basic words or phrases such as ‘’Hello’’, ‘’How are you’’, ‘’Please’’, and ‘’Thank you’’, it can also be useful to know how to ask for help.

    Use public transportation

    Using public transportation while traveling abroad has some serious perks! It will not only allow you to save some money compared to using taxis or rental cars, but it will enable you to get to experience the daily life of the locals.

    You will see how they get around, what they’re reading on their commutes, and perhaps even strike up a conversation with someone new.

    Moreover, using public transportation allows you to get off the beaten path and explore areas that might not be as accessible by car.

    Well choose your accommodation

    It is very tempting to spend your trip in comfortable luxury hotels. Sometimes it can be the best choice depending on where you travel.

    Nevertheless, it can be interesting to spend few nights in a local accommodation, that will make you go out of your comfort zone and experience other people lifestyle.

    Get lost (safely)

    Discover non-touristic places can be a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture. As places that are not overcrowded by tourists can make your experience unique. it is also an occasion to discover awesome hidden places which are special for locals.

    I advise you to try asking locals about the great places you should visit, maybe they will give you unknown secret places in their city.

    Furthermore, it is also a good way to capture unique pictures instead of taking the pictures everyone posts on Instagram.

    Put technology away

    In the current society technology is part of our daily life. According to a 2022 study, the average person spend 3h15 on their phone everyday.

    A travel is an occasion to keep yourself away from your phone.

    It is preferable to use a camera than your phone to take pictures and videos to avoid being too connected on your phone and being disturbed by each notification.